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Lindsay Wachs has been making her mark in the hair world since 1998.  Hailing from southern California, she took her unique blend of "fashion meets art meets hair" up to San Francisco in 2006, where she honed and molded her creative colorist skillset over a five year stint as a Redken Platform artist.  Not only did she teach in salons across California, but she took her work to the stage for various Redken events in both color and styling. She continues to use Redken color and thrives on answering any questions you have about all things hair.

In early 2011, Lindsay jumped to the East Coast where she quickly found her niche in an avant garde salon in the SOHO district of Manhattan.  She enjoys exploring the streets of New York City, where there is always something new to offer inspiration.  She loves the idea of taking street fashion and transforming it into something that all her clients can wear in their everyday lives.    


Womens Haircut

Mens Haircut




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Face Frame


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Corrective Color

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Blow Out

Blow Out w/ iron work

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Upon Consultation

* Please note, All pricing is subject to increase due to hair length and density, and product used.